Taekwon-Do for fun, fitness or self-defence

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Sumners Taekwon-do Gloucester

Barnwood, Gloucester classes: Mon & Wed 5.30-6.30, (5 to 10yrs) 6.30-8.00 (11yrs to adult),
Red Belts & above – Optional Technical Training 8.00 to 8.30
Knowle, Solihull classes: Thurs 5.30-6.30, (5 to 10yrs) Thurs 6.30-8.00 (11yrs to adult),
Red Belts & above – Optional Technical Training 8.00 to 8.30

‘Traditional values in the modern world’

With almost 30 years of experience in Taekwon-Do, chief instructor Mr Dirk Sumners IV holds qualifications as an instructor, competition umpire and referee, and is a fully-qualified first-aid instructor. He holds the post of GTUK First-Aid Officer. He is also DBS (CRB) checked, fully-insured and indemnified and has a Level 3 award in education and training. 

Sumners Taekwon-Do was founded in 1997 by Mr Dirk Sumners 5th Degree black belt (International Instructor) and since then the club has grown tremendously, with over 130 students achieving the coveted “black belt”. 

The club holds an enviable record in both domestic and international competitions and over the years we have produced 8 world champions, 9 European champions and numerous English, Scottish Open, Welsh Open, Irish and British champions.

For information about our classes in Barnwood, Gloucester, Knowle, Solihull, get in touch with Sumners Taekwon-Do.

Mob: 07796 043 100 Tel: 01452 371 973 Email: [email protected]

Sumners Taekwon-do Knowle

Special offer! New students receive free training for a month. So come along and give it a try!

Training & Grading Syllabus

Are you looking for a Traditional Martial Art? Sumners Taekwon-Do is here for you.

“The ‘Little Dragon’ syllabus has been developed by the GTUK specifically for 5 year olds and is designed to work with their physical (body structure) abilities, and their (usually) shorter attention span. The syllabus is much more fun and teaches some vital basics of TKD in preparation for the Rainbow Syllabus. It is more focused on improving their confidence and not bombarding them with too much technique at once (attention span) so there is no pattern or fixed sparring performed in the little dragon syllabus.”

Students between the ages of 6 & 10 years follow the GTUK’s ‘Rainbow’ Syllabus which gradually introduces the traditional Taekwon-Do Patterns and kicking drills alongside fitness and sparring activities.   

All other students (11 years and above) learn the full GTUK traditional ITF Taekwon-Do syllabus. The syllabus contains all aspects of traditional Taekwon-Do including traditional patterns, set sparring, self-defence techniques, semi-contact sparring (with safety equipment) and destruction (power breaking techniques) (for 17 years and older). 

Grading tests for Little Dragons and Rainbow students are held every 3 months. For all other students (11 years and above) grading tests are taken every 3 months up to blue belt and then every 6 months as the standards and techniques become more demanding and technical.

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No contracts or joining fees

Simply training for fun, fitness or for self-defence, Sumners Taekwon-Do welcomes people of all ages and abilities and are proud to offer: 

  • Traditional morals
  • Traditional ethics
  • Traditional disciplines

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We also offer a range of First-Aid Courses

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